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Thank you for assisting in the Leber family tree project.

Help us eliminate the "No Photo" icon from this website.

It has taken years of research to get this far, but with a few minutes of your time, we can move along a bit further. Somewhere in your house is an old wedding photo, family photo, or other picture that has been sitting on a shelf for years collecting dust. Or, perhaps it's in an album that hasn't been opened in a decade. Please take that picture and send me a copy in one of the following ways:

If you have a digital camera - In a well-lit, NATURALLY lit room, lay the photo on a flat surface near the window. A countertop or a table works fine. Turn off any lights in the room and turn off the camera flash. The only light should be from a non-direct source, such as the daylight coming in through the window. Hold the camera directly above the photo and zoom in enough to fit the photo fully into the camera viewfinder. Snap the picture and send it via e-mail to

If you have a scanner connected to your computer - Scan the picture at a minimum of 175 dpi and send it via e-mail to

If you do not have a scanner connected to your computer - Bring the picture to your local WalMart, Target, KMart, or CVS and use their scanner to reproduce the picture. Then, mail the copy to me via postal mail. E-mail me at for my address.

Other Option - Mail the original photo to me via postal mail. I will scan it, and promptly return it to you. As an incentive, I will send back your original photo with copies and enlargements!

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