Sylvia Hineser and Philip Matkoff

Philip and Sylvia in 1942

Sylvia Hineser married Philip Matkoff (b. March 13, 1914, d. Nov 26, 1997 on _____ and they lived in New York.

Philip spent most of his early years in an orphange and met Sylvia at a wedding. They moved from New York to Kansas because Sylvia had asthma. Around 1948, Philip opened a dry goods store chain in Kansas and Oklahoma named the Robert Hall Stores. He later opened up The Yardstick Stores. Sylvia's mother, Yetta lived with them from the time they moved to Kansas in 1947 until her death in 1967.

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Below are the names of Sylvia and Philip's children:

Jeffrey Matkoff, b. March 1, 1943, d. February 1977

Sherry Matkoff

Susan Matkoff

Jeffrey Matkoff's Family
Jeffrey Matkoff married Nancy _____ on July 2, 1971 in Dallas, TX. They have two sons, Matthew and Stephen.
Nancy resides in Texas.
Matthew married Melissa McCandless in December 2002 and they reside in Texas.
Stephen lives in Colorado.

Sherry Matkoff's Family
Sherry Matkoff married Gary Dixon on May 23, 1976 and they reside in San Diego, CA. They have a daughter Danielle, who is currenty attending college.

Susan Matkoff's Family
Susan Matkoff married Michael J. Mason on May 7, 1966. They have two children, Darin and Karin.
Darin resides in Kansas.
Karin is married to Steven Miller and they reside in Kansas with their children, Benjamin and Simon.

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