Abe and Fanny "Fay" Lieber
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Abe with his parents Shmuel and Celia at his wedding on November 30, 1946.

Abe Leber was born in Rzezsow Poland. He came to the United States, on the George Washington Line in May of 1926.

Abe married Fay Kraus (1925-2000) on November 30, 1946. Abe was on active duty for the United States Army during World War II. He worked at the Margolis, a department store until 1971 when he was offered a partnership. The store was renamed Kingsway and was located on Kings Highway between Coney Island Avenue and E. 12th Street. Abe resides in New Jersey.

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Below are the names of Abe and Fay's children:

Sheila Lieber

Cheryl Lieber

Sheila Ovadia's Family
Sheila Lieber married Shlomo Ovadia on November 26, 1972. They have two children, Erik and Amy. Sheila, Shlomo, and Amy reside in Brooklyn. Erik married Irene _____ on July 25, 1999 and they reside in New Jersey.

Cheryl Sigman's Family
Cheryl Lieber married Steve Sigman on _____. They have two children, Randi and Lacey. Cheryl and Steve reside in New Jersey.
Randi and Lacey reside in New Jersey.

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