Shmuel and Celia Leber

Shmuel and Celia "Bubby" at the wedding of their son, Abe to Faye Kraus (1925-2000) on November 30, 1946.

Samuel Leber departed from Rotterdam, South Holland, The Netherlands on November 26, 1924 on the Veendam and arrived in New York on December 7.

Born in Rzeszow (Russia-Poland region) in 1883, Shmuel (Samuel) married Celia "Bubby" Zeisel (b.1883, d. 1975) and they had many children. Unfortunately, only eight children survived birth. They owned a grocery store on the Lower East Side and Samuel was a sexton in a local synagogue. Samuel was the youngest of his siblings. After coming to America, he lived at 76 Cannon Street on the Lower East Side, then moved to 68 Lewis Street before settling on 308 Stanton Street. He was a Hebrew school teacher and loved to teach children, but disliked being referred to as a Rabbi. His school was on Lewis St. When he passed away in 1952, Bubby moved to a four family home in Brooklyn. Sol Leber lived in the basement. Bubby lived in the first apartment, Jack Lieber lived in the back, and the upstairs two apartments were rented. Max and his family lived in Brooklyn, on Dahill Road. The 1960's represented a great time for the family. Businesses were expanding, the family circle was growing, and the country was in an economic upturn.

The Veendam

This ship was built by Harlan & Wolff Limited, Govan, Scotland, 1923. 15,450 gross tons; 579 (bp) feet long; 67 feet wide. Steam turbine engines, twin screw. Service speed 15 knots. Built for Hamburg-American Line, German flag, in 1923 and named Veendam. Rotterdam-New York service. Damaged by fire during the German invasion of Holland in May 1940. Broken up at Baltimore in 1953.

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Below are the names of Samuel and Celia's children:

Jack (Yankel) Lieber, b. May 1, 1907, d. May 15, 1991

Dorothy (Devorah) "Dotty" Leber, b. 1908, d. February ?1938

Rose (Raisel) Leber, b. May 9, 1909, d. December 28, 1997

Irving (Yitzchak) "Izzy" Leber, b. March 8, 1911, d. June 8, 1970

Sam (Simcha) Lieber, b. October 24, 1912, d. June 22, 1987

Max (Menachim Mendel) Leber, b. September 30, 1914, d. June 25, 1999

Abe (Alta) Lieber

Sol (Sholom) Leber, b. March 1923, d. June 11, 1983

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