Mendl and Sara Leber

Mendl Leber, born in 1841, departed from Bremen, Germany on November 17, 1903 on the Kronprinz Wilhelm and arrived in New York on November 24.

Born in the Russia-Poland region he lived in Rzeszow, Poland. This area has been under different control throughout the 20th century (Galicia Region, then Austria-Hungary, later Poland, then USSR). Taking a look at the history of the area:

1918 - The small city of Rzeszow is a part of Galicia, under the authority of Austria
1939 - Rzeszow is a part of independent Poland, the capital of the region is in Lvov
1942 - Rzeszow is a city occupied by the Russian army
1944 - Rzeszow is under occupation of the German army
1999 - Rzeszow is a capital city of the small Rzeszowskie Province, one of 49 regional capitals in the country
Today - Rzeszow is the capital city of Podkarpackie Province - one of seventeen capital cities in Poland; Podkarpcakie covers the area of almost eighteen thousand square kilometers, with the population of over two million people.

An image of Rzeszow today

Mendl married Sara Kranz (b.1844, d. 1930) and it is rumored that they had as many as 12 children. Mendl and Sara were not the first to come to the United States. Their children Edward and Lena arrived a few years earlier. It is unknown how long they stayed in the United States, but it they eventually returned to Poland. During their stay here, they lived with daughter Lena and her husband Tovah Lieberman, at 300 E. 4th Street, New York. Sara arrived on July 10, 1903. She stayed home and raised children while the family saved enough to bring over other siblings and children.

The Kronprinz Wilhelm

Mendl Leber came to the United States on this ship which was built by A/G Vulcan Shipyard, Stettin, Germany, in 1901. It weighed 14,908 gross tons; was 664 (bp) feet long; and 66 feet wide. With steam quadruple expansion engines, twin screw, it's service speed was 22 knots. Capacity of 1,761 passengers (367 first class, 340 second class, 1,054 third class). Built for North German Lloyd, German flag, in 1901 and named Kronprinz Wilhelm. Bremerhaven-New York service. Refitted as an auxiliary cruiser in 1914; sank 15 ships. Interned 1915. Seized by United States Government, American flag, in 1915 and renamed USS Von Steuben. Laid up in 1919. Scrapped in 1923.

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Below are the names of Mendl and Sara's children. Names with links represent those children that came to the United States:

Eliaser Leber, b. 1866, d. ?

Benzion Alta (Edward) Leber, b. 1868, d. June 28, 1935

Volvfe Leber, b. 1870, d. ?1942

Ronie Leber, b. 1873, d. ?

Lena (Leicha/Leia) Leber, b. May 12, 1877, d. August 1962

Samuel Baruch Leber, b. 1879, d. 1880

Itte (Yetta) Leber, b. September 21, 1886, d. June 1967

Shmuel (Samuel) Leber, b. 1883, d. October 1952

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