The Leber Family

Leber - (pronounced Leiber), Yiddish, meaning "beloved".

Although you have found this website, it is likely your last name is not Leber.

You are about to learn about Menachim Mendl Leber and Sara Leber. To me, they are my great-great-grandparents. As you explore this site, you will be able to form your relationship to them. To begin, Mendl and Sara had five children immigrate to the United States:

    Two were daughters (Lena and Yetta).

    Volvfe a son, married and had only daughters (04/2004 - this may be untrue based upon recent discoveries!).

    Another son, Alta (Edward) had six children - five daughters and one son (Abe).
    [Yes, there are two Abe Lebers to add to the confusion.] Abe only had daughters.

    Shmuel (Samuel), married and had eight children - two daughters and six sons.

Therefore, the Leber name has only continued to exist through the decendants of Shmuel (Samuel) Leber. As a twist, the name takes on two different spellings - Leber and Lieber. As a side note, it is believed that Jack, Sam, and Abe share the "Lieber" spelling because this is how they were registered by the New York public school system.

This website is the next step in my on and off 9-year research process. This research has included dozens of interviews, telephone calls, and e-mails with far away family members in all parts of the country. Most of my research came from three people in particular. Steven Leber of Queens, NY, Susan Mason of Kansas, and Herb Goldman of New Jersey. Over the years, I have tried to remain focused on my goal of gathering names, photos, and your stories.

So, at this point, I need some help. We lead very busy lives and there is never enough time to accomplish what we wish to. However, if you could please take a few minutes to scan just one or two old photos and send them to me at, everyone would appreciate it. Or, if you do not have a scanner, you can mail the photos to me and I will return them promptly. I feel it is important to preserve these types of pictures in digital format.

I would like to send out CD's with all the photos on them. Let me know if you are interested.

There are many areas where I have hit a dead end, but do not want to give up. Perhaps you can help me with some of these areas where I could not find the information on my own. My top 4 "dead ends" are:

  • Lena Leber (Lieberman) had three sons, Max, William, and Ben. Rumor is they moved to Chicago. I know nothing more. Lena died in a nursing home in Long Beach, NY in 1962. I cannot locate a death record for her (or place of burial). Some think she was buried in NJ. If you remember Lena, maybe you can recall something about her that could allow me to continue my research. Here is a photo of Lena.
  • Volvfe Leber. Does anyone know the whereabouts of his daughters or grandchildren? The surnames Kuker and Gutfreund may indicate a relation to his family. Maybe someone can recall the name of his grandson who visited Eldridge Textile in NY.
  • Alta (Edward) Leber. He was the oldest and the first to come to this country. I would like to get more photos of him.
  • And finally, I would like a photo of Mendl and Sara if one exists.

In the future, I would like to provide a list of known e-mail addresses through an e-mail, if this is ok with everyone. So, send me your e-mail address. Finally, as a security precaution, dates of birth are limited to those that are deceased.

If you have any questions, please send e-mail to

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