Volvfe Leber

Born in Rzeszow (Russia-Poland region) in 1870, Volvfe Leber was married in Europe and it is known from interviewing family members that he had two daughters.

From carrying out research through the Polish archives, it appears that Volvfe was married to Gitel Gutfreund (b. 1869, d. 1921). They had four children: Chaim Leber, b. 1893, Scheindel Leber, b. 1897, Chana Leber, b. 1904, and Samuel Baruch Leber, b. 1907. Volvfe came to the United States, but there is no evidence that any of his children came with him. His wife died prior to coming to the United States and the family has lost touch with his daughters. It is rumored that one daughter lives in Israel, and the other in New York. It is believed that not a single photo of Volvfe exists, but he was very religious and had a similar appearance to Shmuel. Volvfe lived with Bubby and the family in Brooklyn until his death in 1942.

Below are the names of Volvfe's children:

Chaim Leber

Scheindel Leber (has a son, name unknown, who visited Eldridge Textile)

Chana Leber

Samuel Baruch Leber

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