Max and Ada Leber

Max and Ada at their wedding on November 6, 1937.

Max Leber (1914-1999) was born in Rzezsow Poland on September 30, 1914 and is named after Mendl Leber. He came to the United States, on the George Washington Line in May of 1926.

Max married Ada Zavalin (1916-1993) on November 6, 1937. They originally lived at 1543 West 1st Street in Brooklyn. He started working at Joslelson & Schrek on the Lower East Side selling dry goods in 1930. Work was six days a week, 10-12 hours a day, for $7 a week. He gave $6 to his parents to help out with the living costs. In 1940, he opened the family business, Eldridge Textile at 74 Eldridge Street on the Lower East Side. The business relocated to 277 Grand Street in 1957.

In 1948 Max and Ada moved to 1475 Dahill Road.

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Below are the names of Max and Ada's children:

Alan (Ahron) Leber

Warren Leber

Steven (Shalom) Leber

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