Rose Leber and Ben Friedman

Rose and Ben Friedman, photo undated.

Rose Leber (1909-1997) was born in Rzezsow Poland on May 9, 1909. She came to the United States, on the George Washington Line in May of 1926.

Rose married Ben Friedman on ________. They lived at 1543 West 1st Street in Brooklyn. Ben Friedman led Moshe Koussivitsky's choir. He was a fantastic vocalist, a Zionist who made trips to Israel, and a well known, very talented man. At one point, Ben also worked in a travel agency on Broadway. In a tragic accident, Ben was struck by a car and passed away on January 18, 1969. Less than one year later, Rose was struck by a car and confined to a wheel chair for the rest of her life. Rose died on December 28, 1997.

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