Sam and Lily Lieber
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Sam Lieber (1912-1987) was born in Rzezsow Poland on October 24, 1912. He came to the United States, on the George Washington Line in May of 1926.

Sam married Lily Sandbank (b. September 18, 1920) on November 22, 19??. He was on active duty for the United States Army during World War II. Sam owned a sportwear business and lived in the Sheepshead Bay portion of Brooklyn on 2166 Batchelder Street. His business was at Avenue U and East 18th Street. He passed away on June 22, 1987. Lily passed away on November 21, 1997.

Below are the names of Sam and Lily's children:

Anne Lieber

Marilyn Lieber

Shelly Lieber

Anne Schwartz's Family
Anne Lieber married Lane Schwartz on November 1, 1969. They have two children, Jonathan and Andrew.

Marilyn Rosenblatt's Family
Marilyn Lieber married Chuck Rosenblatt (div.) on ________ and they had two children, Seth (26) and Jill (23).

Shelly Abramson's Family
Shelly Lieber married Marc Abramson on ________ and they have two children, Rachel (18) and Stacey (14).

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