Jack and Shirley Leber

Wedding of Jack Lieber to Shirley Ingwer.

Jack Lieber (1907-1991) was born in Rzezsow Poland on May 1, 1907. He came to the United States, on the George Washington Line in May of 1926.

Jack married Shirley Ingwer on _______. Jack was a jewelry dealer and lived in Brooklyn.

Below are the names of Jack and Shirley's children:

Irwin Lieber

Martin Lieber

Irwin Lieber's Family
Irwin Lieber married Madeline ________ on _________ and they have three children, Jonathan, Seth, and Dana. Jonathan Lieber married __________ on _______ and they have two children, ________ and _______, and they reside in New York. Dana Lieber resides in New York. Seth Lieber resides in New York.

Martin Lieber's Family
Martin Lieber married Miriam ________ on _________ and they have two children, Judith and Kenneth.

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